Licensed trainers

Dave Corbet

Dave is the inventor and original creator of StrongSuits. Dave has twenty years experience as a consultant delivering organisational development and change. Following a degree at Cambridge University and training as a chartered engineer he had a successful career in the energy industry working alongside one of Britain’s top entrepreneurs and innovators, Tony Marmont. Dave founded his first business, Greengage Consulting, in 1996 to pursue his passion for team and organisational development. Dave is an expert trainer, facilitator and coach and has a proven ability to help his clients to develop clear strategies and gain insights that lead into new levels of performance. Dave’s book, titled From Know-how to Do-how; A short and simple guide to change, is published by Nicholas Brealey Publishers. He has designed and delivered leadership and top team development programmes for more than 70 organisations in the public and private sector delivered to over 8,000 senior executives and managers. Dave wrote From Know-how to Do-how a short and simple guide to change, which has trended as the top selling change management book on Amazon in the UK and has been adopted as McGill university graduate leadership book of the month.

Andrea Darabos

Andrea Darabos is a creative, digital consultant and leadership trainer. She has 11 years experience working as a lean business transformation coach in various industries including telecom, multimedia and banking. Andrea is passionate about the power of diversity in teams as a catalyst for innovation and high performance. Andrea is the founder of Lean Advantage Ltd and a licensed trainer of StrongSuits.

Ryan Behrman

Ryan’s work is about facilitating, coaching, mentoring, and training teams and individuals to work more effectively and productively together.
He has a 20 year career working with software development teams and product management teams, helping them to align and to be more engaged and purposeful in their work. He holds an MBA from Warwick Business School, and is a certified coach with Coaching Development Ltd and subsequently served as a mentor on their programme. He is also a certified Action Learning Sets facilitator and runs monthly Action Learning Sets for Agile coaches.
Ryan runs regular public and in-house trainings and workshops in Management 3.0 and Agile coaching. He also works privately with individuals as a personal coach and mentor.
He’s worked in the UK, South Africa, Canada, Poland, Spain, and Germany, with industries spanning retail, supply chain, publishing, government, travel, packaged software, investment banking, education, wealth management, and FinTech.
Ryan is a regular speaker at agile conferences, and is co-organiser of the London Management 3.0 meetup group. He is a licensed trainer of StrongSuits.

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