Become a licensed StrongSuits facilitator

Do you want to use the power of StrongSuits?

Join our growing community of practitioners and facilitators, using Strongsuits to create immediate impact and lasting change in the workplace. Whether you want to learn to use StrongSuits with your own team or your would like to use StrongSuits as part of your consultancy practice we have two programmes that give you everything you need:

StrongSuits Practioner

The StrongSuits practitioner programme provides a one day introduction to using the StrongSuits approach with your team to use StrongSuits with your team. This is a one day introduction to using the StrongSuits cards to build stronger teams in your organisation. You will learn how to use StrongSuits to helps teams understand each others strengths and improve communication.

The StrongSuits Licenced Facilitator programme

The Two day Strongsuits Licensed facilitator programme is aimed at those who want to take StrongSuits further and use the approach with consultancy and coaching clients. This two day training programme covering everything you need to know to deliver the StrongSuits approach. The training is designed to suit different learning styles including a mixture of practical sessions, feedback, facilitated practice and reflection time. You will learn:

  • How to unlock the power of StrongSuits to build stronger teams and unlock the potential of individuals.
  • Essential skills and techniques to use StrongSuits when facilitating teams and coaching one to one.
  • How to use Strongsuits to gain maximum impact with clients.
  • Simple, powerful and practical exercises to help others explore and appreciate how teams work and the importance of understanding different communication styles
  • The psychological insights behind how Strongsuits can improve team working and boost performance.


  • On Day 1, Practitioner training: you will experience the various exercises as part of the group as a participant and learn how to improve awareness of strengths, team communication, team diversity and mindset via the exercises
  • On Day 2, Facilitator training: we will deep-dive into facilitation techniques for each module of the course and you will gain hands-on practice by facilitating modules yourself and exchanging feedback.

You will receive a number of free materials including:

  • 2 decks of the StrongSuits team insights pack
  • Workshop materials including PDFs of handouts
  • StrongSuits playbook and facilitator manual detailing everything you need to work with teams and individuals to deliver exceptional results.

After the course, you will have the opportunity to join the StrongSuits community as a licensed Facilitator and gain access to further materials.

The StrongSuits licensed facilitator programme is aimed at those who want to use StrongSuits inside their own organisation or with their clients to transform teams to achieve high performance.

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